Ocean Saver Bottle for Life Sero Zero Waste

Ocean Saver Bottle for Life

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Ocean Saver eco drops are your answer to zero waste cleaning.

If you don't have an empty bottle to hand then this Ocean Saver Bottle for Life is perfect to get you going - just make sure you keep refilling it!

Buy your Ocean Saver drops, dissolve 1 pod in this 750ml spray bottle, give it a shake and you're ready to go. 

Where from?

Ocean Saver was created from a deep love of the ocean and concern over single use plastic. 

Who for? 

Eco conscious cleaners looking to reduce their plastic waste by refilling not buying new bottles of cleaning products.


36 million plastic bottles are used by UK households in the UK every day. 15 million are not recycled and many end up in our oceans. 

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.

Think reuse and refill!