Takeaway Without Throwing Away

With the rise of Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats as well as the traditional trip to the chippy or our favourite Indian restaurant, take away food is a popular choice for us all! 

In July we launched a survey to ask the people of Newport if they wanted a more sustainable option for their take outs. And it turns out the answer is yes!

83% of you want the option to use your own containers when going to pick up your take out! With 71% of you being more likely to even use an eatery that provided that option over those that didn't regardless of if you're eating in or taking away. 

We know some local eateries already encourage their customers to bring their own containers such as The Green Kitchen in Newport. We want to make this the norm! 

How do we do this? It's simple, we have to start asking for what we want!

To celebrate our Takeaway Without Throwing Away initiative as part of Plastic Free Newport we are offering a free refill in store to anyone who emails/contacts their favourite local eatery asking if they can bring their own containers to be filled when picking up their next meal.  

To show us how it's done and in celebration of the Takeaway Without Throwing Away initiative, on the 27th October The Green Kitchen will be joining us at Sero ZW serving their delicious vegan menu where you will be able to eat in the barn or take away their delicious sweet and savoury vegan treats in your own containers! So don't forget to bring your Tupperware along.  


If you're favourite eatery is unable to fill up your containers, reuse what you can and responsibly recycle the rest!

*Please note that compostable containers can not be recycled and won't compost under normal landfill conditions so you will need to make sure they are composted. Check with your chosen takeout if they are home compostable, if they are not then they will require specialist commercial composting facilities which are not readily available, in which case ask them to make the switch to home compostable alternatives!