The Olive Ridley Project

The Olive Ridley Project is on a mission to protect sea turtles and their habitats. Plastic and discarded fishing nets in our oceans are having a huge detrimental impact to sea turtle populations across the world, contributing to nearly all species now being classed as endangered.

We have had the honour of working with the Olive Ridley Project to reach out to the local community and remind ourselves why it's so important to reduce the amount of plastic pollution entering our oceans.

Over consumption of our resources, over production of single use plastic and the continued use of materials that can not be discarded responsibly is the source of the problem. We need to move to a circular economy that sees material consumption being reduced, items that are in use being reused, refilled and repaired and the discarding of items having no negative impact on the environment through composting and proper recycling/reuse infrastructure

- Laura Parry, Sero Zero Waste. 

By adopting one of their turtle patients you will contribute towards the cost of their patient’s veterinary care, medications, and transport. You will also help fund their core charitable objectives to protect sea turtles and their habitats through rescue and rehabilitation, scientific research, and education and outreach.

Meet the Patients:
Use the QR codes on each patient page to find out more information about each turtle and how you can adopt and help them on their rehabilitation journey!