Exfoliating Face Scrubbies with Gift Bag

Exfoliating Face Scrubbies with Gift Bag

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The perfect replacement for cotton pads or make up wipes, these 100% cotton scrubbies are eco friendly and reusable. Scrubbies are great for exfoliating your face as well as taking your make up off.

Pack of 5


All Plush By Sian's products are made in South East Wales using 100% natural ingredients. 

Who for? 

Those looking to look after their skin and the planet


We in the UK use 11 BILLION wet wipes a year! Those that are flushed, clog up our pipes and sewers so our sewage systems overflow and plastics spill into the marine environment. Those that are discarded in the bins will often end up in landfill or get incinerated, contributing to carbon emissions.