Sero's Source to Sea Street Clean

80% of ocean pollution on UK beaches comes from litter which is found in our parks, towns and rivers. 

As part of the Marine Conservation Society's Source to Sea Litter Quest we will be cleaning up litter in our local area so we can catch it before it enters our oceans!

During the litter pick we want to identify any key items that the Marine Conservation Society also find on our beaches.

The items are:

  • Glass bottles
  • Metal drink can
  • Plastic drink bottles and tops
  • Plastic drink cups
  • Polystyrene cups
  • Plastic bag for life
  • Single-use plastic bag
  • Polystyrene fast food container
  • Single-use plastic gloves
  • Single-use face mask
  • Balloons

Once litter is in our environment it’s too late. We want to stop it from ever getting into the sea, and that’s why we want to bring together the Newport community to help us collect it before it's too late.

As well as helping clean our City, people can do so much in their day-to-day lives from reducing their single-use plastic, from plastic bottle, bags, coffee cups and straws to choosing loose fruit and veg where they can. 

Sign up here:

*Due to covid restrictions we can only allow 26 participants to attend so we will be working on a first come first serve basis.

Those who would still like to join we will get in touch if any spaces become available and of course will be arranging further cleans in the future!

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