Our Green Growth Strategy

Sero Zero Waste has prioritised the following actions as part of our Green Growth Strategy: 

  • Working with responsible suppliers: Your company is taking steps to encourage good practice within your supply chain. 
  • Appropriate packaging: Your company is taking steps to ensure packaging protects products and the environment.
  • Preventing waste & pollution: Your company is taking steps to reduce its impacts. 

To achieve this we will:

  • Use a bulk, closed loop system for all of our household cleaning and personal care refills. This will mean ordering from suppliers that offer us 5L and 20L containers we can send back to be refilled so no waste is generated.
  • Use suppliers that cater to zero waste retail systems by allowing us to purchase food in bulk quantities i.e. 25kg reducing packaging and fulfill orders using recyclable or returnable packaging.
  • Work with companies that use locally sourced natural resources wherever possible for our sustainable products.
  • Offer a zero packaging system meaning our customers don't receive any packaging with their refill products, this is the most sustainable packaging option that reduces resources used and makes use of what's already out there, encouraging a circular economy.
  • Reduce food waste by allowing shoppers to to weigh the exact quantity of produce they need they will not be obliged to buy predetermined portions of food which may result in food waste.
  • Consumers will receive discounts for buying in bulk, resulting in more efficient shopping habits resulting in reduced carbon emissions than having to make repeat trips.
  • Buy locally sourced ingredients where possible so our produce has a lower carbon footprint and is not produced on a mass scale