Plastic Free Newport

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    We are collaborating with Plastic Free Newport to help Newport become an official plastic free City! 

    Plastic Free Communities is an initiative from Surfers Against Sewage to encourage local communities to come together to reduce the single use plastic from their towns.  

    Sero ZW is using our standing in the community to work with local businesses, councils, schools and other organisations to achieve plastic free community status.

    With your help, we need to achieve the following objectives to officially become Plastic Free Newport:

    1. Run community events encouraging everyone to reduce their plastic consumption and make more sustainable choices.

    2. Asking schools, universities, community spaces (such as libraries, leisure centers, venues and halls) to become community allies by pledging to do their bit to reduce their single use plastic.

    3. Support business champions - we will work with businesses to remove 3 single use plastics and come up with a long term plan to tackle others.

    4. Work with Newport City Council to pass a resolution to support Newport’s initiatives to reduce plastic.

    If you'd like to get involved in Plastic Free Newport in any way please get in touch!

    • Businesses to become Plastic Free Champions

    We're looking to work with local, independent businesses to eliminate three single-use items and to plan to tackle others. If you've already made steps towards this then good still counts! 
    Check out the Business Toolkit here to start your journey with us or get in touch for more information and support at

    • Locally governed spaces to become Community Allies

    - Schools
    Sign up to plastic free schools here! Designed to hit key curriculum and other targets, this programme will support you to empower your pupils to make positive changes for the environment and your school.

    Colleges and Universities
    Get in touch and we'll get you signed up and ready to take action!

    - Community Spaces (libraries, village halls, leisure centers, galleries, cinema's, theatres, outside spaces like parks, allotments and coastal facilities)
    Make the plastic free pledge to eliminate three single use items and plan to tackle others, as well as supporting Plastic Free Newport through community clean up events, putting up posters, spreading awareness or even fundraising!

    - Community Organisations (faith groups, environmental groups, WI, sports teams, playgroups, creative/outdoor education groups, brownie/scouts)

    Make the plastic free pledge to eliminate three single use items and plan to tackle others, as well as supporting Plastic Free Newport through handing out individual action plans, host a talk with us or workshop, support general awareness raising.

    - Community Events 
    Help reduce impact of local celebrations such as festivals, concerts, fairs, holidays such as bonfire night or turning the lights on at Christmas. Actions such as introducing refill cup schemes, banning balloons or ensuring traders don't use single use plastic. Events will need to take the pledge as well as spread the plastic free word in their communications with their audiences. 

     - Community Communications (local radio stations, magazines/newspapers, newsletters)
    This one is quite simple - spread.the.word. Sign the pledge to take action yourselves internally, as well as shouting about the great work being done by other allies and keeping everyone informed. 

    Plastic Free Newport will be no mean feat, and we can't do it alone. So get in touch for support and resources and let's work together to make Newport plastic free!

    Contact us at and follow Plastic Free Newport on twitter @PlasticfreeNPT.