About Us


Sero was started by Liz and Laura as part of a vision to reduce plastic waste and consumer impact on the environment. We recognise that it is not without difficulty trying to start and maintain a plastic free lifestyle in today’s world. We want to make plastic-free shopping as convenient as popping to the supermarket, and as affordable too! 
In a world where materials are sourced, used (sometimes for mere seconds), and subsequently thrown away, the consumption of our planets resources needs to be REDUCED by REUSING as much as possible and (where we can’t reuse) choosing products that can be RECYCLED back into the system. Ultimately, we need to see single-use culture replaced by a reusable model – where recycling is the last resort and landfill doesn’t even enter the equation.

Laura Parry - co-founder of Sero Waste Ltd 

Laura, is a Newport local with a passion for any and everything nature has to offer. Laura can usually be found walking her sausage dog and jack russell - Dori and Goose. Failing that, she’s probably off finding adventure in her campervan and sneaking in a bit of rock climbing whenever she can.
A degree in Marine Biology, followed by a masters in Conservation and Resource Management, naturally sent Laura into the world of marine conservation where she has worked on reducing plastic pollution through research and reporting to Government bodies, as well as working with local communities, and supporting businesses.
Laura wants to share the knowledge she has picked up along the way. She has learnt first hand how important zero waste shops are in providing communities with the resources to reduce their dependency on plastic and wants to bring this to her home town of Newport.

Liz Carnevale - co-founder of Sero Waste Ltd 

Liz calls Newport home and values friendship, loyalty and simplicity. What gets her up in the mornings? @Diegodadoggo - for his walkies of course - and her active lifestyle (and plenty of coffee) keeps her moving for the rest of the day.  
A languages degree from The University of Reading and 5 years' experience working for a small independent travel company in Bristol has equipped her with good communication skills and an ability to treat colleagues, customers and suppliers more like friends and family. 
Liz wants to be on the journey with the rest of Sero’s followers in learning how to implement small changes to cut back, reduce the noise, clutter and unnecessaries and enjoy the simplicity of a more thoughtful lifestyle.