Zero Waste Shop Coming Soon to Newport, South Wales!

Zero Waste Shop Newport South Wales Sero

We thought it was about time Newport had it's very own zero waste shop which is why we decided to start Sero. 

We know there is the appetite for zero-waste or low-waste living in Newport and at the moment most people have to travel to get to their closest South Wales shop.

Opening Sero will give our local community a place to shop more sustainably whether that's just by buying exactly what you need in the exact quantity you require to avoid food waste or stocking up on whole foods and daily household items without the plastic packaging. 

We know there are plenty of old hands around but we will also support Newport zero-waste newbies in trying this concept out for the first time (it can be a little daunting to get started without help!). 

Sero will also offer sustainable products that will help get you started on your zero-waste journey with items like reusable coffee cups, refillable water bottles, sanitary items and zero waste kitchen and bathroom products. 

We can't wait to bring this to Newport and hope you look forward to shopping with us! 

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